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Glycemic Index (GI)
  • PDF eBook with table value of glycemic index (GI) different products.


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Check the list of the glycemic index of foods you use the most. Knowing the GI value of each product can effectively fight overweight and obesity, and take care of the appropriate level of glucose in the blood avoiding future diabetes.

Table has a simple system of search and categorization products
  • Low glycemic index = 35 or less (green)
  • Medium glycemic index = 36-50 (yellow)
  • High glycemic index = 51 or more (red)
Remember IG depends on:
  • The amount and type of carbohydrates contained in the product
  • The degree of maturity of the fruit, vegetables (the mature tm greater value glycemic index)
  • Methods culinary processing (products of cooked and shredded have a higher glycemic index)
  • The higher the ratio of amylose / amylopectin, the higher the glycemic index
  • Content of other nutrients that can slow down the action of digestive enzymes (eg. Protein, fat, pectin, phytic acid and organic acid)